100 years of Mühlenchemie: Understanding Flour

It is well-nigh impossible to tell the entire story of 100 years of Mühlenchemie. But that didn’t stop us from trying. What came out is a selection of special moments, major milestones, happy coincidences, unpleasant surprises, helpful companions and personal recollections of Volkmar Wywiol.

You’ll find this nowhere near complete collection on ten special pages about the history of Mühlenchemie. The story is by no means over, but continues into the present and future. It’s a part of us, it makes us proud and motivates us, we draw experience and knowledge from it, and we enthusiastically write the story a little bit more every day.

Authors: Dirk Böttcher, Dr. Matthias Moser, Martina Schneider, Peter Steiner, Torsten Wywiol, Volkmar Wywiol
Publisher: Robert Wenzel Verlag
Year of publication: 2023
Hardcover edition: 103 Pages
Language: German / English / Spanish
ISBN: 978-3-9825061-4-2

Price: on demand

Cool Facts

Scientists are still puzzling over whether nucleic acids or amino acids started life on Earth by giving rise to RNA strands or enzymes, respectively. A classic chicken-or-egg problem! However, it is undisputed that both act as biocatalysts to enable the formation of new molecules and structures.

The capabilities of most enzymes are probably still unknown, since only a small part of these active proteins has been researched. Nevertheless, many amazing things have already been discovered, of which this book presents only a fraction. These short enzyme stories are only intended to arouse or intensify curiosity, not to impart comprehensive knowledge.

The texts do not claim scientific accuracy but are researched and mostly backed up by several sources, which are mentioned in the list of sources, unless the author considers them to be common knowledge.

Authors: Lutz Popper
Publisher: Robert Wenzel Verlag
Year of publication: 2022
Hardcover edition: 164 Pages
Language: English
ISBN: 978-3-9820751-8-1 (GB)

Price: 29,00 EUR

Understanding Baking Enzymes
Basics and Application

This book is intended primarily for millers and bakers who are interested in the use of enzymes and would like to know more about their functions. But it is also a useful source of information for cereal breeders, food scientists and students.

After a brief overview of the history of enzymes and an explanation of their mode of action, the book goes into baking applications by describing the effects of enzymes on dough stability and rheology, control of enzymatic effects, synergisms and interactions between different enzymes, the mechanisms of inhibition and inactivation, interactions with other constituents of the recipe and ways of optimizing the addition of enzymes.

An outstanding feature of the book is that it deals in depth with specific applications for a large number of cereal products and processes. With its attractive layout that highlights the most important aspects at a glance, with numerous clear illustrations and comprehensive tables, it offers specialists help in understanding the subject and in the practical use of enzymes.

Authors: Lutz Popper, Klaus Lösche
Publisher: Sosland Publishing / Robert Wenzel Verlag
Year of publication: 2021
Hardcover edition: 297 Pages
Language: English
ISBN: 978-3-9820751-4-3

Price: 75,00 EUR

New publication
Scientific book Phenomenon of Lecithin

This book is dedicated to one of the most versatile and fascinating naturally occurring substances: Phenomenon of Lecithin – Science, Technology and Applications.

The outstanding and versatile properties of phospholipids have been examined and described time and again in recent decades by many scientists. An update to the scientific basis is now necessary on account of the growing importance of lecithin. The publishing team centred around Waldemar Buxmann, Head of Technical Department at Sternchemie in Hamburg, has succeeded in engaging 24 notable international scientists and experts from eight countries for the book.

Lecithins are mixtures of polar lipids (phospholipids) and are natural components of the cell membrane of animal and plant organisms, where they perform essential functions. The amphiphilic structure of the phospholipids gives them their unique emulsifying and dispersing properties. Besides the widespread plant-derived lecithins from soya beans, sunflower and rapeseed, lecithins from animal sources such as eggs, milk and marine life are on the rise. Their wide-ranging uses in food, animal feed, dietary supplements, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and in the technology industry are unique.

The printed work has 556 pages and is a comprehensive and up-to-date reference book for chemists, biologists, technologists, pharmacists and purchasers of lecithin. It is the result of many years of work and has been constantly updated. In addition to the fascinating 170-year history of lecithin, the global production and processing quantities in a wide range of industries are also explored for the first time. The theoretical principles – the chemical, physiological and physical properties of phospholipids – form the basis for the understanding of the book. The practical section examines the origins, production, processing and modification of lecithin as well as quality control, which is a very important part of the production process. The subsequent descriptions of the numerous applications for lecithin make up the core of the book.

The authors are confident that the deeper insight into this incomparable substance will inspire young scientists and chemists to conduct further intensive research into phospholipids.

Authors: Waldemar Buxmann, Parris Kidd, Volkmar Wywiol, Rüdiger Ziegelitz
Publisher: CRC Press / Robert Wenzel Verlag
Year of publication: 2021
Hardcover edition: 556 Pages
Language: English
ISBN: 978-3-9820751-3-6
Library of Congress Control Number: 2021939002

Price: $195.95


With this book Hydrosol presents its history, how the company got started, where it and its people are now, and where they want to be in future. It’s the fascinating success story of a German startup that has grown into a global player.

The company works in nothing less than a key technology and critical industry of the 21st century - food technology.

“We’re making the future”, says Managing Director Dr. Matthias Moser and shows how “The Yum Effect” is achieved with special functional systems for appetising, affordable foods that keep well. The book also provides hard facts on worldwide food consumption, along with good reasons for meatless nutrition and other alternative eating forms that Hydrosol helps make possible.

In documentary style, journalist Dirk Böttcher and guest authors like nutritionist Hanni Rützler describe the work of Hydrosol’s specialists in the company’s Technology Center, and shed light on food trends in the interaction of consumer behaviour and food technology.

Authors: Marc-Stefan Andres, Dirk Böttcher, Dirk Dobiéy, Prof. Dr. Herbert Weber
Publisher: Robert Wenzel Verlag
Year of publication: 2018
Hardcover edition: 108 Pages
Language: German/English
Spanish/Russian ISBN: 978-3-00-060374-7

Price: on demand

Micronutrients work

Little extras. Big benefits.

“Micronutrients work. Little extras. Big benefits.” Designed for practical use, this guide is for all creative minds in the food industry involved in developing new functional foods, food supplements and the like. Based on science, this book explains in plain language the personal situations and health issues which micronutrient supplements can address, and what combinations are available. The table on the insert card can be used as a system of building blocks to quickly identify the micronutrients that are the best scientific match for each topic – including suggested health claims allowed under current EU rules. If you want learn more about a topic, then please refer to the body of the text. The coloured icons guide you through the sections of this clearly structured and comprehensive book.

Numerous illustrations and infoboxes give additional orientation. We hope you have fun developing new Ideas, and that the contemporary and attractive layout will contribute to your enjoyment. So, just let ideas flow at your brainstorming session!

Text: Sabine Hildebrandt and Andrea Pütz
Publisher: Robert Wenzel Verlag
Year: 2018
Hardcover edition: 116 Pages
Language: English/German
ISBN: 978-3-9816485-3-9

Price: 15.00 €

The Golden Thread

François du Plessis

At first glance the works of François du Plessis are both fascinating and confusing. Multicoloured structures, surfaces like stone, grain resembling the annual rings of a tree. All manner of different associations come to mind, but the material remains a mystery. It takes a closer look to realize that all the works are made up of books. Book pages, book covers, book spines, bookmarks – that is what they are. François du Plessis’ chosen material is books.

Text: François du Plessis
Publisher: Robert Wenzel Verlag
Editor: Stern-Wywiol Gruppe
Year of publication: 2015
Paperback: 64 pages
Language: German
ISBN: 978-3-9816485-8-4

Price: 10.00 €

Ooops ... I’m so sorry for the truth!

Volker März

Volker März‘ work includes sculpture, painting, photography, music, performance and stage design, which he accompanies with texts of his own and combines in his exhibitions to create walk-in installations, an artistic synthesis. In every case Volker März works on a specific theme, often as a dispute with historic figures. Friedrich Nietzsche, for example, or Hannah Ahrend, Franz Kafka and Walter Benjamin are personalities whose life and work and whose history of acceptance give him cause for reflection. Issues of our time combine with the more general questions of human existence such as forgetfulness, anxiety, desire, adaptation, freedom and tolerance. He uses a number of small, brightly painted clay figures that he sometimes calls his “surrogate people”. They are often grotesquely exaggerated, satirically intensified or fantastically alienated, and interact as on a stage in narrative compositions. In the corresponding photographs Volker März blurs the relationships between sculpture and the environment – both physically and through perspective – by choosing the perspective to make them appear of human or even monumental size.

Text: Volker März, Berlin
Publisher: Robert Wenzel Verlag
Editor: Stern-Wywiol Gruppe
Year of publication: 2014
Paperback: 106 pages
Language: German
ISBN: 978-3-9816485-9-1

Price: 10.00 €

33 years of the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe

333 recipes for success

Königsberger Klopse, Karelian kalitts, Tom Kha Gai from Thailand, or good old Hamburg eel soup? This book offers something for every taste. It contains over 333 favourite recipes from the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe, chosen and contributed by the employees to mark the group’s 33rd anniversary. The result is a lively cross-section of all the national and regional dishes of Europe, Asia and America that invites you to a unique culinary journey around the world.

Besides entertaining anecdotes, the attractively illustrated cookbook offers a huge selection of dishes of all kinds, from well-known “classics” to exotic rarities. An invitation to browse, cook for yourself and enjoy discovering.

Text: Steffi Funnekötter
Stern-Wywiol Gruppe
Year of publication: 2013
Hardcover edition
437 pages
Languages: German, English
ISBN: 978-3-9807275-3-2

Price: 35.00 €


the Unrivalled Nutrient

Lecithin – elixir of life, performance promoter and power nutrient. In this book, Werner Schäfer and Volkmar Wywiol describe the physiological effects of lecithin as a food ingredient and its wide spectrum of applications: from its functions as a neurotransmitter in the nervous system, antagonist of cholesterol and indispensable energy source to an emulsifier in quality cosmetics. It offers an insight into topics such as the origins and production of this fascinating substance and a scientific explanation of its importance in metabolism. Besides containing numerous tables and helpful illustrations, the work is rounded off by ideas for delicious recipes.

A highly informative book – directed towards the interested layman as well as the many people engaged in research and teaching, in industry, the trades and consumer advice, who are concerned with the question of healthy nutrition.

Authors: Werner Schäfer, Volkmar Wywiol
Publisher: Alfred Strohe Verlag
Year of publication: 1986 (1st edition)
Paperback: 157 pages
Languages: English, German
ISBN: 3-87795-031-0

Price: 10.00 €

Fat for life

Oils and fats in animal nutrition

Oils and fats are one of the most important ingredients of animal feed. Besides supplying energy they are a source of essential fatty acids and other components. In this unique publication, Dr. Roland Adelmann explains their chemical composition, how they are made, and the differences in value between the various fat products.

Topics concerning the different applications are discussed in an informative and readily comprehensible manner, and so are the many aspects that have to be considered when assessing the quality of fats and oils. Tips for avoiding incorrect use, a checklist for quality control and a comprehensive glossary make this book a useful and practical guide.

Author: Dr. Roland Adelmann, Berg + Schmidt GmbH
Publisher: Robert Wenzel
Year of publication: 2012 (2nd edition)
Paperback: 51 pages
Languages: English, German
ISBN: 978-3-9807275-2-5

Price: 10.00 €

Future of Flour

A Compendium of Flour Improvement

“Future of Flour” is the first comprehensive reference book to present the latest information on flour improvement competently against the background of a globalized market. It includes related topics such as the use of modern technologies, an analysis of the markets, and procedures in countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, China, India, Argentina and France. The team of authors led by Dr. Lutz Popper gives special attention to the nutritional aspects of flour fortification, frequent and less common problems with flour, determination of wheat and rye qualities, and a detailed explanation of the principles of rheology and spectrometry.

An impressive work that contains Mühlenchemie’s extensive practical knowledge and experience in over 400 pages, provides quick answers, and whose readily comprehensible presentation makes it a genuine standard work – not only for experts.

Authors: Lutz Popper, Werner Schäfer, Walter Freund
Publisher: Agrimedia
Year of publication: 2007
Hardcover edition: 480 pages
Language: English
ISBN: 978-3-86037-309-5

Price: 156.00 €

Flour Art Museum

A worldwide Gallery of Flour Sacks

Can you frame flour? Should there be flour sacks in museums? Is flour art?

When Volkmar Wywiol found an empty flour sack washed up on the beach in Dubai in 1998 he little realized what consequences this discovery would have. But now he can answer all these questions with “yes”! For his conviction that flour sacks are part of the world’s cultural heritage has made the collection grow to over 2,900 items from more than 130 countries over the past years. That is largely due to the enthusiasm of Mühlenchemie’s customers and employees around the globe, whose numerous contributions have turned what started as rubbish into an art form with a museum of its own.

The book accompanying the collection is more than just a visually very attractive museum catalogue. Besides the symbolism of the motifs, that goes far beyond the actual purpose of the sacks, it illuminates the significance of flour in its historic, artistic and economic context. As informative as it is entertaining.

Text: Angela Jannelli, Martin Paetsch, Volkmar Wywiol
Publisher: Robert Wenzel Verlag
Editor: Mühlenchemie GmbH & Co. KG
Year of publication: 2011 (3rd edition)
Hardcover edition: 352 pages
Language: English/German
ISBN: 978-3-9807275-6-3

Price: 35.00 €

Hals über Kopf

Thomas Putze

In his first individual exhibition at the Stern-Wywiol Gallery, the artist Thomas Putze from Stuttgart, born in 1968, confronts us with his composite creatures made from wood and the waste products of civilization. What appears burlesque at first glance proves to be a critical discussion of philosophical issues and questions of art theory and emerges as an intelligent and humorous analysis of our society.

In spite of the sober topic, all the works have an air of lightness and freshness and demonstrate the artist’s playful nature and sense of fun. Thomas Putze draws a psychological profile of our society, viewing it in a manner which is both precise and emphatic.

Text: Dr. Kathrin Reeckmann
Publisher: Robert Wenzel Verlag
Editor: Stern-Wywiol Gruppe
Year of publication: 2013
Paperback: 62 pages
Language: German
ISBN: 978-3-9807275-8-7

Price: 10.00 €

Denken in Holz

Yves Rasch

“Sculptures of gripping naturalness” (Hamburger Abendblatt), a tribute to life, that seem to unite the basic principles of quietness, growth or movement in a highly suggestive manner. These are the works of the sculptor Yves Rasch, some of which were shown at the opening exhibition of the Stern-Wywiol Gallery. Under the title “Denken in Holz” (Thinking in Wood) the Hamburg-born artist presented his organically flowing objects, some of which are made of polished bronze, but most from wood such as pine, cherry, yew or oak. Apparently weightless beings with a dual form language full of dynamism, impressive for their power of expression and sensuousness.

In the catalogue accompanying the exhibition the art historian Dr. Kathrin Reeckmann explains the relationship between material and shape in Yves Rasch’s sculptures, describes his highly personal approach to his work and conveys the attraction of the objects in numerous illustrations.

Text: Dr. Kathrin Reeckmann
Publisher: Robert Wenzel Verlag
Editor: Stern-Wywiol Gruppe
Year of publication: 2012
Paperback: 54 pages
Language: German
ISBN: 978-3-9807275-2-5

Price: 10.00 €

Menschen und Räume

Sibylle Waldhausen

Pelvis inclined, chest thrown forward, a casual demonstration of superiority. The little sculpture “Check!”, only 15 x 10 cm in size, unites the major themes of the sculptor Sibylle Waldhausen from Berlin: the changes and challenges of our globalized and digitized world and the shift of values resulting from it.

In her exhibition “Menschen und Räume” (People and Spaces) at the Stern-Wywiol Gallery the artist showed how she expresses the essence of this complex topic by creating memorable images for abstract notions. She confronts the world of the media with the ancient material bronze and traditional handicraft.

In numerous photographs and interpreting texts the catalogue accompanying the exhibition shows how Sibylle Waldhausen uses the tension innate in this combination to demonstrate the breadth of modern forms of social existence in her extremely reduced sculptures.

Text: Christina Dickel, M.A., Dr. Kathrin Reeckmann
Publisher: Robert Wenzel Verlag
Editor: Stern-Wywiol Gruppe
Year of publication: 2012
Paperback: 60 pages
Language: German
ISBN: 978-3-9807275-4-9

Price: 10.00 €

Weder Schwarz noch Weiß

Maike Gräf

Comics, cartoons and street art are among the most innovative forms of expression of our time. They speak a concise and vivid language that Maike Gräf takes up in her objects to present old themes in a new form. In their sometimes grotesque, sometimes childlike exaggeration, the free use of proportions and their expressive body language, her sculptures have archaic traits. The wooden figures dissected into prismatic surfaces and edges are first shaped with a chain saw, hammer and chisel; painting in black and white then gives them their strong resemblance to a drawing.

With numerous illustrations and explanations the catalogue accompanying the exhibition shows in the context of art history how the motifs of corporeality and animal instinct presented at the Stern-Wywiol Gallery give new expression to a familiar theme.

Text: Christina Dickel, M.A.,
Dr. Kathrin Reeckmann,
Dr. Marc Weilmann
Publisher: Robert Wenzel Verlag
Editor: Stern-Wywiol Gruppe
Year of publication: 2013
Paperback: 52 pages
Language: German
ISBN: 978-3-9807275-7-0

Price: 10.00 €

Creativity Wins

Creativity Wins

25 Jahre Stern-Wywiol Gruppe

“To me, entrepreneurship is primarily a creative challenge” (Volkmar Wywiol). In his chronicle to mark the 25th anniversary of his enterprise, the owner of the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe tells the fascinating story of his now worldwide Ingredients business, with all its ups and downs. And a review of the past shows that the curiosity to discover what is new and a passion for people runs through the corporate culture like a golden thread.

On 320 richly illustrated pages, the chronicle tells of the events, emotions and experiences that accompanied this creative thinker on his road to success. It gives an insight into “whatever holds the world together in its inmost folds”, and what makes the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe so special. A highly personal book and a valuable guide to successful entrepreneurship.

Text: Volkmar Wywiol
Editor: Volkmar Wywiol
Year of publication: 2005
Hardcover edition: 320 pages
Language: German/English

Out of print

Archimikki kann fliegen

Entdeckungen im Sachsenwald

“Hi, you must be Archimikki!” the crow called out into the morning gossip circle. And in a loud, deep voice he announced, “I am Ramsöö, the King of the Crows. Are you the boy who knows how animals feel and understands their language?” These words are the beginning of an unusual friendship that leads the two heroes into exciting adventures that are both funny and instructive. With imagination and understanding for childish thought, Volkmar Wywiol tells in his stories of justice, helpfulness and tolerance, with mutual respect between humans, animals and nature as their central theme. And of course there must be no lack of little pranks and big secrets.

A wonderful book for reading to pre-school-age children, that stirs a love of adventure and warms the hearts of picture book enthusiasts both young and old with its attractive illustrations.

Text: Volkmar Wywiol
Publisher: Robert Wenzel Verlag
Year of publication: 2000
Hardcover edition: 51 pages
Languages: German, Spanish
ISBN: 3-9807275-0-5

Price: 14,00 €